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Have More Fun Playing Golf!

Lowering your golf scores, learning a new shot, or overcoming a feared shot are all examples of making the game of golf more fun! Golf can be so difficult--everyone goes through a rough patch. Wether you are Tiger Woods or Marty McSquealy, you are guaranteed to have bad shot, a bad hole, a bad round, or even a bad month! The key is not to find yourself mired in a rut, beating yourself up; at this point, the game ceases to be fun, and a vicious cycle begins:  
When we struggle,  we get tense. When we get tense we play bad. When we play bad we get grumpy. When we get grumpy people don't want to hang with us. Don't be lonely - go out and work on your golf game!

What is best way to get back that loving feeling?  It starts with the correct frame of mind. Embrace the idea that you are a detective, and your job is to find out how to get better at golf. Look at the process as a fun and exciting challenge. It  starts with doing some research, and diagnosing the cause of your problems (a golf pro can help in this process). The next step is to take your new found knowledge and apply it to your game through organized practice. 

Don't expect to improve overnight. You will quickly have glimpses of greatness, but real progress takes time. Don't get discouraged if you have a set back - everyone does. Be patient and persistent, and you will prevail. Soon you will start making pars and birdies and taking money off you friends. You will be in a good mood and people will want to hang with you. Don't be grumpy and lonely--start working at getting better at golf!


30 Minutes:      $40.00

One Hour:         $65.00

Playing:              $90.00/hour

Junior:               $30.00/30 minutes

Packages:           Save with multi-lesson packages

Gift Certificates are also available.

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Tunkkari Golf~Golf Lessons and Instruction for Bainbridge Island, Kingston, Poulsbo, Silverdale, Bremerton,  Kitsap, and Seattle


"David is the best golf instructor I have ever worked with, he is able to work with what you bring to get the best out of your game."  Wayne White, Bainbridge Island
"David is simply the best golf teacher around." Mark Stapp, Bainbridge Island


"The Triple Play Package" Three one hour lessons:  One lesson on the full swing, one on the short game, and the last lesson is a three-hole playing lesson. A great way to start your golfing year!  Bought separately these lessons cost $220. Buy the package and you only pay $150! The kicker to get you motivated is that all three lessons must be completed by June 15th. 

"The Hawaii Five Oh-Yea!" Five one hour Lesson Series - Regular price $300 - Purchase before the end of April and you only pay $225. No expiration date on this series.

Short Game Clinics-$40   (limit 4)
The majority of golfers do not practice their short games enough. Of those that do spend time working on their short game, many are not practicing the correct technique. These two-hour clinics will cover all aspects of the short game - putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play. A simple correction such as ball position or weight distribution can have a huge impact on the quality of your short shots.  The clinics will be held on the far end of the driving range at White Horse GC.

Short Game Clinic Dates 
Saturday April 26th 2:00 - 4:00 PM
Sunday May 4th 12:00 - 2:00 PM
Saturday May 10th 2:00 - 4:00 PM
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Ladies Clinics - 5 lesson series - $99   (limit 5)
The format lends itself well to golfers of all abilities, starting with the full swing and working our way to the short game. The last lesson will be on the golf course, focusing on course strategy. A good reward for a nice practice session? After the clinic, plan to enjoy a beverage on the beautiful patio over looking the 18th hole at White Horse!

If your schedule doesn't work with the dates below, you can always put your own group together. Whether it is two, three, four or more, we can organize a clinic or series of clinics to fit your schedule and needs. Please call me for more information on clinics - 206-406-0068.

Mondays:   April 21st - May 19th 4:00 - 5:15 
Wednesdays:   April 23rd - May 21st 5:00 - 6:15 
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A great view of the most beautiful golf course in the world! Enjoy!

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<p>Jerry Lewis, Danny Thomas, and Mickey Rooney at the <span>Second Annual World Entertainment Golf Championship, </span><span>May 22, 1960, in Yorba Linda, California.</span></p>


Jerry Lewis, Danny Thomas, and Mickey Rooney at the Second Annual World Entertainment Golf Championship, May 22, 1960, in Yorba Linda, California.

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Golf school is a total golf experience that includes video analysis of your current swing, individually tailored instruction and playing lesson on the course, and lunch. 

Junior Golf School also available.   

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